Exploring Enhanced Vision Options for Safe and Clear Diving

Scuba Fusion offers Premade Lenses for Convenient Correction

Our premade or stock-lens dive masks, available off the shelf, correct a range of prescriptions. These masks are suitable for farsighted, nearsighted individuals with mild astigmatism(.75 or less Cylinder).  We also carry masks with readers(gauge readers) and glue in inserts.

Reading a scuba snorkeling mask prescription

Addressing Presbyopia with Reading Lenses

As divers age, presbyopia becomes a common issue, necessitating correction for both near and distance vision. Various options, such as premade “gauge reader” dive masks and custom bifocal lenses, cater to the specific needs of divers, ensuring clarity for tasks like reading gauges and dive computers.


Contact Lenses for Versatile Correction

Contact lenses offer flexibility in correcting a wide range of prescriptions, including multifocal and astigmatism corrections. While convenient, divers using contact lenses should exercise caution due to potential complications, including infections. Regular consultation with an eye care professional is advised to adhere to up-to-date guidelines.

Custom Dive Mask Lenses for Precision Correction

We cannot do progressive or bifocal lenses. However, for those with prescriptions beyond the stock lens range, other options must be explored such as outsourcing to a lens crafter type company that can custom grind lenses. Custom dive mask lenses, typically made of glass, offer precise correction for various refractive errors, ensuring optimal visual acuity underwater. These lenses can be drop-in or laminated, with the latter allowing correction for any prescription, including prism lenses for double vision and tend to be very pricey.


Eyeglass Chart for Snorkeling Masks

Choosing the Right Dive Mask for Prescription Lenses

Not every dive mask is ideal for every prescription. Factors like lens thickness, surface area, and decentration need consideration. Divers must also have backup options, especially for critical activities like liveaboard dives or photo shoots.

Conclusion: Prioritizing Clear Vision for Safe Diving

Whether opting for premade lenses, contact lenses, or custom dive mask lenses, prioritizing clear vision enhances the quality and safety of every dive. Divers should carefully assess their vision needs and consult with eye care professionals to choose the most suitable corrective option.