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Visit our ginormous retail Dive shop and get PADI certified with an awarded Bay Area SCUBA Instructor team. Online booking, gear, rentals, referral, eLearning and more!
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* Browse through our retail store’s extensive collection, featuring masks, snorkels, fins, boots, gloves, BCDs, drysuits, wetsuits, regulators, and computers for student divers. Conveniently rent scuba gear through our online reservation system, choosing from dive packages or single pieces. Reserve your dive kit now and embark on your underwater adventure with Scuba Fusion. Learn to dive with confidence and expertise at Scuba Fusion – Your Gateway to the Underwater World.

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Justin P.
Hand Surgeon

These guys are awesome. Went here to get PADI open water certified and it was a breeze. Very knowledgable and fun instructors made sure everyone was on track, going out of their way to…

Nickie F.
Marketing Manager

I am so glad that I chose Scuba Fusion because I had an amazing experience getting my certification. EVERYONE at the shop is genuine and share a passion for diving. They honestly want to help you get through the hard stuff.

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Sara W.
Delta DM

I took my time deciding which shop to get my certification from. I went with Scuba Fusion because it seemed to me to have the best balance of cost and quality. Everyone on Yelp seemed…

Learn to Dive at Scuba Fusion
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Scuba Lessons

Comprehensive Scuba Lessons with Scuba Fusion

Learn to Dive at Scuba Fusion
Our scuba diving lessons include all necessary equipment, excluding personal gear. Acquire a mask, snorkel, boots, fins, and gloves from your local dive shop (LDS).

Flexible Learning with Scuba Referral Course
Opt for our convenient Scuba Referral Course, kickstarting your learning at home and concluding on vacation, minimizing unnecessary classroom time. Experience the best of Monterey scuba diving at the Breakwater with our dedicated lessons.

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Elevate Your Skills with Advanced Courses
For those seeking a scuba refresher course, consider our PADI Scuba Refresher program designed to enhance your skills. Explore advanced scuba certification courses, including Rescue, Drysuit, and more, taking your diving expertise to new heights.

Certification, Rental, and Equipment Galore
Get certified with Scuba Fusion and explore the wonders of the Bay Area’s underwater landscapes. Our PADI Dive Center offers certification, gift certificates, equipment rental, and an extensive selection of scuba diving equipment. Don’t delay your exploration of the depths of Monterey – get certified with us now!

Scuba Diving Lessons
Since 2007 Same Owners Same Location
About Scuba
Unearth the premier option for local scuba lessons! Amidst myriad choices, Scuba Fusion shines as a PADI-endorsed Dive Center. When seeking "scuba diving lessons near me," rely on our certified expertise for a top-notch experience. Dive into excellence with Scuba Fusion, your trusted PADI-endorsed Dive Center.
Open Water Diver
Dive into a scuba-centric school with our devoted staff dedicated to training for the esteemed PADI Open Water Diver program. Immerse yourself further by visiting our store and learn to dive by enrolling in the Monterey Bay Scuba Certification Program today. Explore the marvels of underwater discovery with us!
Bay Area Dive
Outshining Bay Area dive shops, our student hub excels. Equip yourself effortlessly with step-by-step guidance, videos, guides, and instructor advice. Experience unparalleled support, ensuring assistance in every step. Immerse in excellence with tailored resources for your success.
Discover Dive Education at Scuba Fusion
As the leading destination for aspiring divers, Scuba Fusion proudly holds the distinction of being a PADI Dive Center, officially recognized and endorsed by PADI. With unwavering ownership and a steadfast location since 2007, we provide a consistent and reliable scuba learning experience.
Embark on the PADI Open Water Diver Journey
Enroll in our exclusive scuba-focused school, offering the renowned PADI Open Water Diver program. Conveniently located in the Bay Area, our brick-and-mortar retail store is your gateway to Monterey Bay scuba certification.
Tailored Support for New Divers
Step into our dedicated new student area, where comprehensive resources, including step-by-step instructions, videos, guides, and expert advice, await. Scuba Fusion distinguishes itself from other Bay Area dive shops by providing unparalleled support for scuba diving swim tests and more.
Gear Excellence in Every Dive
Explore our fully stocked retail showroom featuring top-notch brands like Aqualung, Atomic, Shearwater, and more. Benefit from our unique gear exchange program, ensuring a perfect fit for personal gear used during the Open Water Program, with flexible exchange options.
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