Tour Dives
Monterey is a popular dive spot where many divers partake in guided dives.
Spaces are limited so book fast.
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Monterey Bay is well protected from ocean waves, making it possible to dive almost every day.

Beach dives offer gently sloping shorelines that provide beginners easy entry and exits. Beneath the waves, the slope continues a gradual descent to fairly shallow depths.  Even if you didn’t certify in Monterey you can still take a tour.
Guided dives afford divers experience at diving deeper depths and getting good photos. We recommend diving from the beaches of Monterey before partaking in boat dives.

It can be great

  • 2 Dives
  • Instructor Led
  • Gear not included
  • Certified divers only
  • 12 yrs or older

Personal diving gear (mask, snorkel, boots, fins and gloves) are not included in the price of these tours.

Monterey beach divers are special
Happy Beach Diver exiting the water
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Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Get a good pair of gloves for beach diving in Monterey!