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Ensure a Happy Dive Experience in Monterey: Equip Yourself with Essential Gear

For successful scuba diving in Monterey, students must have their personal mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves. These items cannot be rented. Our program provides Instructional Gear, including a BC jacket, regulator, computer, tanks, weights, wetsuit, and hood, for pool lessons and Monterey ocean dives free of charge(if opted for). While some divers prefer owning their gear, others find it convenient to purchase through our program. To ensure a seamless transition from pool to ocean, it’s essential to try out all equipment during pool sessions before embarking on Monterey dives. Dive confidently with the right gear and join us for a memorable experience in Monterey!

Monterey or Referral

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Certify elsewhere with ease by simply checking out here. Alternatively, select a Monterey Weekend below to fulfill your 4 Checkout Dives with Scuba Fusion in the picturesque Monterey setting. Feel free to checkout now and decide later – your diving adventure awaits!

Mask and snorkel needed
Fins are needed
neoprene boots for scuba divers
Glove for diving