Monterey Scuba Diving

Full Padi Certification

Monterey Scuba Diving

Full SCUBA Certification inludes:

1. eLearning
2. Pool Training
3. Four Ocean Dives in Monterey

This scuba diving program in Monterey is designed for individuals seeking to achieve the comprehensive PADI certification with Scuba Fusion. The eLearning component is completed at home, while the Pool Training sessions can be arranged either over a single weekend or through a two-night weekday program. The four crucial ocean dives for certification take place in Monterey over a concentrated weekend program. Further details about Cold Water Diving

Full Padi Certification

Gear Needed for Monterey

Monterey scuba diving demands a serious approach. Students are required to possess their own high-quality mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and gloves.

The gear required for the program is quite specific, and we recommend purchasing it from the same store where you are taking lessons. This ensures the flexibility to exchange any items that may not suit your needs. It’s crucial to test and address any issues in a controlled environment, such as a pool, before venturing into Monterey scuba diving. Unlike a snorkeling class, proper gear is indispensable for students aiming to achieve the full PADI certification in cold water. The store will provide the remaining necessary gear, including tanks and suits.
More About Personal Gear Needed

Mask and snorkel needed
Fins are needed
neoprene boots for scuba divers
Glove for diving
Monterey divers wait to enter the water

Prepare for the Course

Enrollment Guidance: Ensure to register a week or two before your intended start date. It’s essential to visit the store for fitting the necessary pool session gear, completing liability and medical paperwork, and acquiring any personal gear if required. Please note that orientation is required to be conducted in person, and no prior appointment is needed – feel free to drop by at any time during our business hours.
More About Orientation

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Must be 12 or older to take these programs

Justin P.
Hand Surgeon

These guys are awesome. Went here to get PADI open water certified and it was a breeze. Very knowledgable and fun instructors made sure everyone was on track, going out of their way to…

Nickie F.
Marketing Manager

I am so glad that I chose Scuba Fusion because I had an amazing experience getting my certification. EVERYONE at the shop is genuine and share a passion for diving. They honestly want to help you get through the hard stuff.

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Sara W.
Delta DM

I took my time deciding which shop to get my certification from. I went with Scuba Fusion because it seemed to me to have the best balance of cost and quality. Everyone on Yelp seemed…