Beginner Class Pricing

Our prices are competitive and honest. Hidden charges with diving classes is a thing to watch out for in the Bay Area!
School before retail:  students can exchange gear to prepare for ocean dives

Students can exchange any Personal Gear purchased from Scuba Fusion used during the Class and Pool sessions. If it’s not working for you in the pool – exchange it for another or take store credit. Make sure it works for you before taking it to the ocean! This policy is included in the beginner class pricing.

Competitive pricing: no hidden charges
eLearning Academics
Per Person
Digital Logbook
Lifelong Access
Includes Support
Note: eLearning cannot be returned once the diver registers on the PADI website. eLearning cannot be shared.
Pool Training
Per person
No Hidden Charges
Referral PDF Included
Heavy gear included
Personal gear not included
We include everything you will need
except Personal Gear. Purchase the
Personal Gear (mask, snorkel, fins)
from Scuba Fusion and exchange
them for better fitting gear during
your program. Tanks, suits, regs,
weights etc are included.
Monterey Checkout Dives
The 4 Checkout Dives
eCert by PADI
Heavy Gear Included
Personal gear not included
All needed gear is included except the Personal
Gear: Mask, snorkel, boots, fins and gloves.
Digital Certification PIC/Card is included
in the price. There are no refunds for
missed or incomplete dives. Prices are for students
taking the PADI Open Water course at Scuba Fusion
Justin P.
Hand Surgeon

These guys are awesome. Went here to get PADI open water certified and it was a breeze. Very knowledgable and fun instructors made sure everyone was on track, going out of their way to…

Nickie F.
Marketing Manager

I am so glad that I chose Scuba Fusion because I had an amazing experience getting my certification. EVERYONE at the shop is genuine and share a passion for diving. They honestly want to help you get through the hard stuff.

New Student Support Area for help and assistance
Sara W.
Delta DM

I took my time deciding which shop to get my certification from. I went with Scuba Fusion because it seemed to me to have the best balance of cost and quality. Everyone on Yelp seemed…